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Intelligent fingerprint gun cabinet management system

date:15/01/2024 16:18:28Information classification:Gun cabinet parameters

The intelligent gun and ammunition cabinet certified by the Ministry of Public Security and the fingerprint information management system are the latest generation of gun management systems developed by utilizing the uniqueness and exclusivity of human fingerprints. The biggest feature of this system is the use of fingerprint recognition as an identity authentication method, and the highly comprehensive integration of intelligent fingerprint gun ammunition cabinet and intelligent fingerprint network management software, realizing the automation of online fingerprint management of firearms and ammunition. It is an intelligent fingerprint authentication gun management system that integrates the distribution, requisition, and storage of firearms and ammunition, and can achieve functions such as remote application, approval, record query, and online monitoring.

This system seamlessly integrates the gun fingerprint information management system with the fingerprint gun management cabinet, integrating fingerprint recognition technology, network communication technology, database technology, USB communication technology, and other information gun management systems.

Fingerprint authentication, secure and reliable

This system adopts linear live fingerprint acquisition technology, which will not generate fingerprint images on the sensor surface, thus avoiding the problem of fingerprint theft; Being able to identify live fingerprints to prevent others from using them for criminal purposes; Strong adaptability, can automatically adapt to moisture, moisture, dryness, low temperature, dirt, slight scratches and wear, and the special characteristics of the fingers of the elderly and children without being affected by these factors. It has a wide range of temperature applications and is not affected by air humidity and pollution.

LCD touch for easy operation

This system completes various functions through a large touchscreen display screen, with a simple and clear operation process. In addition to text prompts through the display screen, it is also equipped with voice prompts, allowing users to gradually complete the operation according to the prompts.

Remote networking, remote approval

The smart cabinet is connected to the host through Ethernet, and opening the key cabinet requires remote approval and authorization from the superior department. Without authorization, it cannot be opened, greatly enhancing cabinet machine management. The intelligent cabinet automatically uploads all operation logs, further ensuring security through tracing the source.

Report printing, clear at a glance

Gun/key retrieval information, return information, and shift handover information can all be queried and printed.

Anti theft and riot prevention, telephone alarm

The smart cabinet is equipped with anti damage devices. When someone illegally damages the system, the system automatically emits an alarm sound and dials the alarm number for remote alarm. At the same time, alarm music is emitted on the management software to remind the administrator.

Dual backup, emergency door opening

This system is equipped with an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), which can be used for intelligent cabinet operation in the absence of mains power. It is also equipped with a completely independent mechanical key emergency unlocking system. When fingerprints cannot be opened, two mechanical keys can be used for emergency door opening.

System settings, scientific and reasonable

The software includes hardware management, gun/key management, and shift handover management functions. Administrators can add, delete, and modify users and guns/keys according to actual situations. At the same time, during shift handover, the system displays the personal information inventory and detailed information of the handover personnel. After confirmation, the handover personnel complete the handover through fingerprint identity authentication.

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