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Digital gun cabinet features

date:15/01/2024 16:18:29Information classification:Gun cabinet parameters

Firearms management complies with the Firearms Management Law of the People's Republic of China. Firearms and ammunition must be stored in separate cabinets, and access must be completed jointly by two or more people. All entry and exit information of firearms must be recorded.

All digital intelligent gun cabinets have their own unique IP addresses, achieving a real-time dynamic unified management mechanism for networked firearms in the public security system, armed police system, and People's Liberation Army force system, and managing all stationed front-end data.

The system adopts a permission based management method to monitor the real-time use of firearms at each station, including records, images, and alarms.

Provide 24-hour supervision, simple operation, and can work independently without the computer.

Only the authorized person can use their personal unique information, and after being authorized, they can extract the designated firearms within a specified time limit using their live fingerprints. Personnel can also apply to retrieve or return firearms, which are managed by higher-level leaders through computers.

Each gun is locked by an electronic gun lock with a unique address code, and the authorized person opens the gun lock after being recognized by the system. Automatic detection of whether firearms are in place and locked, with two unlocking methods: mechanical and electronic.

All bullets are loaded into an electronic magazine with a unique address code and locked securely. The authorized person opens the magazine after being recognized by the system. Automatic detection of whether the magazine is locked, with two unlocking methods: mechanical and electronic.

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