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Introduction to Intelligent Face Recognition System for Intelligent Gun Magazine

date:15/01/2024 16:18:29Information classification:Gun cabinet parameters

Introduction to the Gun Magazine (Cabinet) System for Facial Intelligent Recognition Management System

1、 Business security management system: The system adopts a C/S architecture. Real time monitoring of equipment working status and logging, automatic alarm for abnormal equipment status. The ammunition management software adopts various intelligent algorithms to perform intelligent judgment and response, responsible for facial communication, collection, and upload functions, and carries out daily specific ammunition management work, such as ammunition requisition, ammunition scrapping, ammunition inventory, ammunition use planning, ammunition procurement, etc. At the same time, it also manages personnel and departments involved in ammunition business, as well as statistical analysis work. This section is the foundation of other subsystems, providing the latest basic information such as personnel, firearms, bullets, etc.

2、 Gun magazine video real-time monitoring system: Real time monitoring of gun and bullet borrowing and returning, athlete entry and exit of the warehouse, opening and storage of containers, 24-hour uninterrupted recording, real-time playback function of recording, and emergency alarm handling mechanism

3、 Gun magazine entry and exit personnel inspection system: Real time verification of the identity of personnel entering and exiting the gun magazine.

4、 Gun and ammunition intelligent cabinet door monitoring system: Real time monitoring of the opening and closing status of the intelligent cabinet. If the door is not closed within the set time, it will provide voice or text alarm prompts.

5、 Intelligent touch communication system for ammunition cabinet: responsible for communication, control, and management functions between the main control cabinet and the gun cabinet management software.

6、 Gun Online Query System: You can log in to any workstation or personal computer connected to the network to view and review information, and keep track of the status of the gun in real-time.

7、 Door magnetic intrusion alarm software: alarm information management application software.

8、 SMS alarm software: SMS alarm management software.

9、 Server operating system: Windows Server series.

10、 Database software: Microsoft SQL Server series.

11、 Workstation operating system: Windows 7 Professional Edition, 4 system upgrades, 1 office and 1 video terminal.

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