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Intelligent Gun and Bullet Management System

date:15/01/2024 16:18:29Information classification:Gun cabinet parameters

The intelligent gun and ammunition management system is a set of gun and ammunition management systems that are tailored to the characteristics of official gun management work. It integrates various functions such as gun registration, gun timeout alarm, multi-level network monitoring, and comprehensively utilizes advanced technologies such as computer software, live fingerprint recognition, mobile SMS, digital self-control, network technology, and database. The intelligent management of gun and ammunition retrieval and return processes has been achieved, with functions such as timeout gun alarm, gun status detection, remote supervision (SMS prompt and approval), inquiry, authorization, and monitoring, replacing the cumbersome manual management in the past. This has greatly reduced the confusion and accidents that may occur in the management of firearms and ammunition due to human factors, making the management of firearms and ammunition standardized and scientific; Fully in line with the requirements of standardized construction for official firearms.

This system is suitable in practical applications and can be customized according to the actual situation of customers. It can be used for intelligent and information-based management, ranging from the management of a gun cabinet and a gun depot to a bureau level system, city level system, provincial level system, and national public security system!

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