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Introduction to Intelligent Spare Bullet Cabinet

date:15/01/2024 16:18:30Information classification:Gun cabinet parameters

1. Technical parameters of intelligent spare bullet cabinet:

(1) 8-inch touch screen display (with 800 pixels) × 600); Equipped with a human-machine operation interface, which can be operated on a touch screen. The human-machine display interface should be able to display the date, time, power status, self check status, and network connection status in real time;

(2) Built in three-layer board;

(5) Live fingerprint collection device;

(6) Emergency mechanical unlocking method: dual mechanical key lock emergency unlocking;

(7) Offline logging, storing no less than 5000 records of the latest operational information;

(8) Alarm function: abnormal opening of cabinet door alarm, movement alarm, network disconnection alarm, mechanical lock unlocking alarm, intelligent cabinet power outage alarm;

(9) Equipped with remote networking capability, the smart cabinet should have automatic timing function;

(10) Backup power supply: When the mains power is cut off, the backup power supply should be able to support continuous operation for at least 8 hours;

(11) External interfaces: 1 standard network interface (TCP/IP communication, each cabinet is assigned an independent IP address), 1 electrical 220V interface (three plug);

2. Intelligent spare bullet cabinet cabinet specifications: (height) 1700mm * (width) 1000mm * (depth) 450mm;

3. Intelligent spare bullet cabinet body material: high-quality carbon steel plate, door thickness ≥ 8 mm, cabinet body thickness ≥ 6mm, double door, upper and lower door bolts, left 3 door bolts, inner door hinge, chrome plated large torque handle, high-strength steel wheels;

4. Intelligent spare bullet cabinet surface treatment: phosphating rust prevention, electrostatic spray coating treatment.

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