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Regulations on the Safety Management of Postal Intelligent Anti riot Gun and Ammunition Cabinets (Trial)

date:15/01/2024 16:18:30Information classification:Gun cabinet parameters

Regulations on the Safety Management of Postal Intelligent Anti riot Gun and Ammunition Cabinets (Trial)

Article 1: These regulations are formulated in accordance with the regulations and rules of the State Council, such as the "Regulations on the Administration of the Use of Firearms by Full time Guardians and Escorters".

Article 2: The postal intelligent riot gun ammunition cabinet refers to an intelligent riot gun ammunition cabinet that meets the requirements of the Postal Intelligent riot gun ammunition Cabinet Function Requirements (see attachment), abbreviated as the intelligent gun cabinet.

Article 3: Each gun distribution city and county bureau shall be equipped with a gun administrator who is responsible for the daily storage of firearms and ammunition, as well as the daily distribution before and collection after work; The position of gun administrator should be relatively stable, and strict handover procedures should be followed when personnel change.

Article 4: Third level permission settings for intelligent gun cabinets

The three-level permissions of the intelligent gun cabinet are: advanced permissions, gun controller permissions, and gunner permissions.

1. Advanced permissions should be set to the fingerprint of the director in charge of the gun city or county bureau.

2. The authority of the gun controller should be set to the fingerprint of the gun administrator in the city or county bureau where the gun is distributed.

3. The permission to use firearms should be set to the fingerprints of all armed guards and escorts in the city and county bureaus where firearms are used.

Article 5: Authorization Function of Intelligent Gun Cabinet

1. Advanced permissions are used to register, delete firearm fingerprints, use firearm fingerprints, browse and copy system records, set and modify system time, normal opening of cabinet doors (including gun cabinet doors and bullet cabinet doors. The same below) time period, length of cabinet door opening status time, and time period during which firearms should be in place.

2. The combination of fireman's authority and fireman's authority is used to open cabinet doors, gun rack locks, and daily ammunition magazines.

3. Use a combination of gunner's and barrel's permissions to open the cabinet door, as well as the corresponding gun rack and daily magazine.

Article 6: Cabinet doors, gun racks, daily magazines, and spare magazine keys should be bagged and sealed before being properly stored in a safe. When encountering system failures, power outages, abnormal time periods, and other emergency use of guns, approval from leadership must be obtained before two or more people can jointly unseal them, and the reason and time for use should be recorded. Participants in unsealing and approvers must register and sign.

Article 7: The personnel who use firearms should be relatively fixed, and the firearms should be stored on the corresponding gun racks and locked for safekeeping. The bullets used for daily escort are stored in the daily magazine for safekeeping, while spare bullets, coach bullets, etc. that are not commonly used are stored in the spare magazine for safekeeping.

Article 8: The city and county bureaus of gun allocation shall set the normal opening time period, the length of the opening state of the cabinet door, and the time period for the gun to be in place for the intelligent gun cabinet door based on the use of firearms in their respective units. The gun administrator should supervise that the time of the intelligent gun cabinet system is always consistent with the standard time, and if the error exceeds two minutes, adjustments should be requested.

Article 9: The director in charge of the gun distribution city and county bureau shall browse and inspect the records of the intelligent gun cabinet system at least once a month, and keep a good record of the inspection. In case of personnel changes, the permissions of the outgoing personnel should be deleted and the permissions of the incoming personnel should be registered in a timely manner.

Article 10: The gun distribution city and county bureau shall set up at least 5 recipients of intelligent gun cabinet alarm text messages, including: director in charge, director in charge, security officer in charge, guardian and escort officer, and gun administrator.

Article 11: The environment where the intelligent gun cabinet is located should be equipped with a video surveillance system, which should implement 24-hour real-time monitoring; Intrusion and emergency alarm devices should be installed; There should be sufficient wireless communication network signals.

Article 12: Operating Procedures for Intelligent Gun Cabinets

(1) Normal opening, gun retrieval, and gun return process

(1) At the scene of the gun cabinet, the gun controller and one firearm input their fingerprints for identity recognition. After successful identification, both the gun cabinet door and the bullet cabinet door open simultaneously.

(2) In the open state of the cabinet door, the gunner and the barrel keeper are combined one by one. Two people input fingerprints on the fingerprint collector for identity recognition. After recognition is successful, the corresponding personnel's gun rack and daily magazine are opened. The gunner takes out the gun and ammunition, and the system sends a message to the director in charge, security manager, and security manager on their mobile phones“ ××× "Number gun received normally" SMS.

(3) Firearms and ammunition have been collected and the on-site personnel have locked the cabinet door.

(4) The operation when returning the gun is the same as when retrieving it, but after the gun is returned to its original position, the system sends a message to the above-mentioned personnel's mobile phone“ ××× "Number gun normal exchange" SMS.

(2) The process of opening the door, retrieving the gun, and returning the gun during abnormal time periods

1. During abnormal times, open the cabinet door in emergency to retrieve guns and ammunition, and use a mechanical lock key.

After the key is unsealed, two managers simultaneously open the mechanical lock and simultaneously open the gun cabinet door and bullet cabinet door.

3. After the gun cabinet door is opened, use the key to open the gun rack and magazine respectively, and remove the gun and ammunition.

When using the key to unlock, the system will send an alarm message to the relevant personnel's mobile phones.

After removing firearms and ammunition, the on-site personnel shall lock the cabinet door with their eyes closed.

Article 13 Alarm and Handling Procedures

When an alarm occurs in the intelligent gun cabinet, the system automatically reports the location, nature, and other information of the alarm to the mobile phones of personnel such as the gun distribution city and county bureau directors, responsible directors, security personnel, guardianship and escort personnel, and gun administrators through SMS. Upon receiving an alarm message from the intelligent gun cabinet, the receiving personnel should immediately verify the alarm situation by phone or on-site. If there is an alarm of exceeding the time limit for gun use, cabinet door not locking, or power outage, you can immediately reply to the text message for confirmation; If the alarm is triggered by the use of a key to open the cabinet door or if the cabinet door or gun rack has been tampered with, the intelligent gun cabinet should be disposed of at the scene as soon as possible. Once it is confirmed that the alarm is an intrusion, the police should be immediately alerted to the public security organs. Before the alarm is confirmed, the intelligent gun cabinet should not be replied with a confirmation message.

Article 14: Each unit shall incorporate the disposal of alarm information from intelligent gun cabinets into the gun safety management responsibility system for serious assessment. Those who fail to dispose of alarm information in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph shall be punished accordingly, and those who cause serious consequences shall be held accountable for their dereliction of duty.

Article 15: These regulations shall come into effect from the date of promulgation.

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