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Public Security Bureau Security Checkpoint Password Gun Ammunition Cabinet

date:15/01/2024 16:18:30Information classification:Gun cabinet parameters

Technical procurement requirements for security checkpoint password gun ammunition cabinets of the Public Security Bureau:

Specification of gun cabinet: 580 * 450 * 1500mm

The cabinet is made of high-quality carbon steel plates welded together, with a thickness of ≥ 6mm and a thickness of ≥ 8mm for the cabinet door. It is made of high-quality carbon steel welded together, with a surface sprayed with plastic. The cabinet door is equipped with a password verification control module and a mechanical backup emergency lock.

Functional characteristics

The door lock controller used in this series of ammunition cabinets is a password type controller, which is easy to operate and safe to use.

Password verification is achieved by opening the electronic door lock, and users can replace it according to their needs.

The cabinet door is equipped with a hook for the ground and sky poles, which is firm and sturdy; And equipped with emergency mechanical locks, special mechanical keys can be used to complete the unlocking operation in emergency situations.

The ammunition cabinet is powered by a DC12V dry battery and comes with a backup battery box, making it easy to operate and maintain.

Equipped with high sensitivity vibration sensors, it can monitor illegal collisions, movements, etc. of the gun cabinet at any time in standby mode, and immediately sound an alarm siren.

The cabinet is equipped with gun positions suitable for storing firearms and drawers for ammunition storage, ensuring that firearms and ammunition are neatly and aesthetically arranged.

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