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Function List of Intelligent Gun and Ammunition Cabinet Management System

date:15/01/2024 16:18:30Information classification:Gun cabinet parameters

Function List of Intelligent Gun and Ammunition Cabinet Management System

Business Function Class

1. Retrieve bullets

2. Returning bullets

3. Bullet inspection

4. Gun and ammunition maintenance and upkeep

5. Bullet replenishment

6. Scrapping and destruction of firearms and ammunition

7. Lost firearms

8. Police ban guns and lift restrictions

9. Sealing guns, cabinets, and unsealing (automatically unsealed upon arrival; manually unsealed in advance)

Business Process Class

1. Registration of various business application forms

2. Approval of various business application forms

1) Approved by Zhengsuo

2) Approved by the on duty leader

3) Approval through SMS verification code

3. Registration of police officers returning bullets

4. Confirmation of police officers returning bullets (if the number of bullets retrieved is consistent, it shall be confirmed by the verifier; if not, it shall be confirmed by the chief inspector)

5. Various types of business ammunition cabinets, after comparison, can be remotely authorized by the superior to open the cabinet (this function can be selected and used by the ammunition cabinet user unit)

6. Post gun inspection supplementary form

Basic data maintenance class

1. Maintenance of Public Security Organs

2. Maintenance of Police Officer Information

3. Police fingerprint and password collection

4. Gun cabinet setting management

5. Approval of phone number settings

Business function classes that do not require an application form and can be operated directly from the gun cabinet (this function class can also be implemented in case of network disconnection, but after networking, all business operation data must be transmitted back to the central database)

1. Retrieve bullets

2. Returning bullets

3. Bullet inspection

4. Bullet maintenance

5. Sending and storing firearms

6. Shipping and storage of firearms

Monitoring alarm class

1. Gun cabinet monitoring

2. Bullet cabinet alarm information SMS reminder

3. Business reminder information SMS reminder

Information query class

1. Business application form query

2. Firearm usage inquiry

3. Gun cabinet alarm query

4. Gun usage record report

5. Firearm maintenance query

6. Query of gun inspection records

7. Firearm inventory inquiry

8. Magazine inventory query

9. Bullet usage record report

10. Query of firearms and ammunition replenishment records

11. Firearms scrapping and destruction query

12. Lost (stolen) firearms inquiry

13. Statistics of Armed Police Officers

14. Gun usage records

15. Cabinet Sealing Record Query

Gun cabinet hardware function class

1. Voice navigation for all business operations

2. The gun certificate and gun lock are linked, and the gun certificate must be obtained before taking the gun

Gun and ammunition storage door, can be opened through fingerprint comparison

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