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Detailed technical parameters and accessories of intelligent gun cabinet products

date:15/01/2024 16:18:30Information classification:Gun cabinet parameters

1. Technical parameters of gun lock

(1) Fully automatic and intelligent, driven by a motor, it automatically locks and does not require manual operation when placing firearms, and the circuit control automatically unlocks and retrieves firearms.

(2) Gun in place detection function: The presence or absence of firearms can be detected in real-time and displayed with LED. When the gun is inserted, it will display green. When the gun is removed, the green light will go out. When the emergency unlocking or gun lock cannot be locked, the red light will light up.

(3) Gun anti pinch function: When the gun is locked, the gun lock can automatically detect that the gun is clamped, and then automatically retract the lock bolt to re lock.

(4) Gun lock tampering alarm function: When the gun lock is tampered with or opened with a mechanical key, the gun lock itself will emit an audible and visual alarm.

(5) Lock gun method: It is a one-way bolt lock that locks the trigger position of the gun.

(6) The size of the gun lock is ≥ 160mm in length, 81mm in width, and 45mm in height.

(7) Weight of gun lock: 489 ± 10g

(8) Material requirements for gun lock: The gun lock housing and lock bolt are all made of 304 # all stainless steel material.

(9) The gun lock power supply is DC12V, with a standby current of<30ma and a peak operating current of<500ma.

(10) The read through method must be connected via CAN bus, and the unlock command is transmitted through special encryption for greater security, stability, and reliability.

(11) The gun lock has electronic control and mechanical emergency unlocking methods, and each lock has an independent mechanical unlocking method to open the lock more reliably.

(12) Each gun lock has an independently encrypted instruction ID for control, and each gun lock has a unique address code.

2. Cabinet parameters

(1) Cabinet material: The cabinet is made of high-quality carbon steel plate, with a thickness of ≥ 8mm for the cabinet steel plate and ≥ 10mm for the cabinet door steel plate. The tensile strength of the steel plate is>345MPA.

(2) Cabinet structure: The four corners of the cabinet body are formed by laser cutting, making the four corners of the cabinet body have arc angles with a radius of ≥ 34MM. The arcs of the cabinet body and cabinet feet correspond to each other, making the overall cabinet body achieve a rounded effect, as shown in the diagram.

(3) The surface frame of the gun cabinet and the two cabinet doors form a flat surface, achieving the effect of an overall flat surface. The process requirement is to achieve ± 2mm, and the gap between the cabinet door and the cabinet body should have a process error of ± 3mm.

(4) The cabinet door is designed with an inner hinge, and the opening angle of the cabinet door is greater than 90 degrees. When the cabinet door is locked, there are left and right locking bolts for the safe, with a diameter of 36mm. Each door has at least 12 locking bolts, and each cabinet has at least 24 locking bolts.

(5) The 304 # stainless steel panel is embedded on the right door of the cabinet, and there is a ≥ 12 inch LCD touch screen (with a 4mm steel plate interlayer behind the LCD screen to protect the vulnerable position of the LCD screen), as well as a layout of fingerprint acquisition head, pinhole type camera, card reader panel, and speaker hole position. The host control system must be embedded and installed inside the right door interlayer.

(6) The main door lock adopts a specialized lock designated by the Ministry of Public Security, which meets the requirements of the Ministry of Public Security certification standards for a safe lock.

(7) There is an audible and visual alarm installed inside the cabinet. When someone prys open the cabinet door, moves or vibrates the cabinet vigorously, the cabinet itself can emit an audible and visual alarm.

(8) Cabinet size: ≥ 1870mm ×  1000mm ×  500mm, foot height ≥ 70mm.

(9) Proof document of testing report for "Intelligent Gun Safe" issued by the Ministry of Public Security (copy stamped with the manufacturer's official seal)

(10) The gun cabinet door, as well as the gun cabinet and intelligent gun lock containing the gun door, must have a utility model intellectual property certificate (copy of proof document stamped with the manufacturer's official seal)

(11) Smart gun cabinets and smart gun locks must have an intellectual property certificate for appearance design (copy of proof document stamped with the manufacturer's official seal)

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