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date:15/01/2024 16:18:30Information classification:Gun cabinet parameters

1. Technical parameters of intelligent bullet cabinet and bullet box

(1) Intelligent ammunition lock can detect the locking status of the ammunition box.

(2) Unlocking method: automatic pop-up.

(3) Unlocking power supply DC12V, standby current<30ma, working peak current<2A.

(4) Connected via CAN bus, the unlocking command is transmitted through special encryption for greater security, stability, and reliability.

(5) The gun lock has a dual unlocking method of electronic and mechanical, ensuring reliability and safety without worry.

2. Cabinet parameters

(1) Cabinet material: The cabinet is made of high-quality carbon steel plate, with a thickness of ≥ 8mm for the cabinet steel plate and ≥ 10mm for the cabinet door steel plate. The tensile strength of the steel plate is>345MPA.

(2) Cabinet structure: The four corners of the cabinet are designed with arc angles with a radius of ≥ 34MM. The cabinet door is designed with an inner hinge, and the opening angle of the cabinet door is greater than 90 degrees. When the cabinet door is in a locked state, the safety cabinet is securely locked with the floor and floor locking bolts.

(3) Cabinet size: ≥ 1870mm × 1000mm × 500mm

3. Gun cabinet software functions

(1) You can apply, approve, and view on the cabinet terminal, all-in-one machine, or networked computer WEB. You can also use your mobile phone for approval.

(2) Personnel permissions can be customized and assigned.

(3) Equipped with abnormal sound and light alarm for gun cabinet, as well as SMS alarm. Alarm can be divided into three levels of permissions, and alarms can be triggered in order of level. The alarm can only be lifted by authorized personnel.

(4) Proof document of testing report for "Intelligent Ammunition Special Safe" issued by the Ministry of Public Security (copy stamped with the manufacturer's official seal)

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