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date:15/01/2024 16:18:30Information classification:Gun cabinet parameters

Technical procurement requirements for Level II intelligent ammunition cabinet:

1. The external dimensions are 1150mm wide, 1780mm high, and 500mm thick, which comply with the requirements of the GA1051-2013 standard for level 2 cabinets of the Ministry of Public Security. The cabinet door is made of carbon steel plate with a nominal thickness of ≥ 12mm, and the cabinet body is made of carbon steel plate with a nominal thickness of ≥ 10mm. The cabinet door connection must be in the form of internal hinges, and the opening angle should be greater than 90 °.

2. The lock is a capacitive fingerprint lock with a backup two person mechanical opening method., Equipped with clamp type electronic gun locks, equipped with infrared detection device for firearms in place, with backup opening function, with no less than 60 electronic gun locks in the gun position.

3. It has no less than 4 independently opened ammunition compartments, each containing no less than 1000 rounds of ammunition. The ammunition compartments have automatic counting and weighing functions, and the LCD display screen can display the number of ammunition in the cabinet.

4. The cabinet is equipped with a 10M/100M network interface, which can be connected to the public security intranet. The device has an automatic sleep screen saver function.

5. Equipped with a backup power supply, providing no less than 24 hours of standby time and no less than 20 turn-on times after power failure.

6. Has hierarchical permission management function, with a rating of no less than 3 levels

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