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Design requirements for mobile combination vault

date:15/01/2024 16:18:59Information classification:Vault explosion-proof door

The mobile combination vault is composed of a vault door, a combination vault bottom and top panel assembly, and a combination vault bottom and side panel assembly. Inlay structures are used between the various blocks of the wall and between the blocks and the warehouse door for easy installation; It can also be designed according to user practical needs.

The mobile combination vault of the bank is made of ultra-thick explosion-proof steel plates, special anti drilling and anti cutting alloy plates, and standard channel steel, stainless steel plates, password locks (high, medium, and low-end locks can be selected according to user needs), as well as special filling materials, which are processed using equipment and can withstand and obstruct current intrusion methods; And equipped with daily gates and backup small doors to ensure the safety of property in the warehouse.

1. Warehouse area. The net usable area of the newly built mobile combination vault shall be calculated based on 70% of the building area, and the supporting vault area shall not be less than 200 square meters; The central storage area shall not be less than 800 square meters; The storage area shall not be less than 2000 square meters; The main warehouse area of the head office shall not be less than 10000 square meters.

2. Mobile combination vault structure. The mobile composite vault should be a six sided reinforced concrete cast-in-place structure with walls, top plates, and bottom plates.

3. Column spacing. The spacing between the longitudinal and transverse central axes of the columns of a multi story warehouse with two or more floors should be about 8 meters.

4. Load capacity. The unit load of the landing floor is ≥ 6000 kilograms per square meter, and the non landing floor load is ≥ 3000 kilograms per square meter.

5. The height of the storage layer. The area of the mobile combination vault is less than 200 square meters, and the net height of each floor is not less than 4 meters (net height under the beam); More than 800 square meters, with a net height of no less than 5 meters per floor (net height under the beam).

The mobile combination vault room has reserved positions for the installation of electronic devices such as door magnets, fingerprint scanners, electronic (magnetic) locks, palmprint scanners, automatic scramblers, alarm systems, induction lighting systems, access control systems, interlocking linkage systems, and remote control systems, as well as reserved pipelines for threading. Users can install corresponding control devices according to their needs. Reserve a 10 core weak current data cable and install a protective conduit to seamlessly connect electronic devices.

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