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Design requirements for dismantling and assembling combination vaults

date:15/01/2024 16:18:59Information classification:Vault explosion-proof door

The prices of accessories such as locks in combination vaults vary depending on the size. Firstly, larger combination vaults require more materials and are more difficult to manufacture, resulting in higher prices. Secondly, there are two types of materials used in combination vaults: ordinary steel plate and stainless steel. Stainless steel is more expensive and complex to manufacture than ordinary steel plate, so the price of combination vaults made of stainless steel is higher than that of combination vaults made of ordinary steel plate, The back lock is also a large head combination vault. There are good and bad locks, and American Shakin locks are definitely much better than domestic locks.

Combination Treasury - Design Plan

The basic structure of a vault consists of a vault door, bottom and top blocks, and wall blocks. The embedded structure is used between the various blocks of the wall and between the blocks and the warehouse door, making it easy to install. The thickness of the warehouse wall panel is 60mm, with four internal and external layers designed in sequence: the layer is made of 5mm thick Shanghai Baosteel hot-rolled steel plate, the second layer is made of 6mm threaded steel bars inside the interlayer, and added with fireproof cotton, perlite, and high-strength concrete mixture. The third layer is made of 5mm thick Shanghai Baosteel hot-rolled steel plate, the fourth layer is made of 1.2mm stainless steel plate, the material for the inner cash inlet channel and grid plate is 2mm stainless steel plate, and the material for the small cabinet in the warehouse is 1.5mm+2mm (cabinet bottom plate) stainless steel plate. The door body and frame of the warehouse are made of 5mm thick steel plates. The locking bolt is equipped with 25mm anti drilling and anti cutting steel plates, with 3mm steel plates at the back and 1.2mm stainless steel plates at the back.

Combination Vault - Lock Configuration

Equipped with a set of 6731 imported mechanical password locks from the United States and a bank double key lock. Install a double key storage box lock on the coin slot door of the back wall panel. Install a cross lock on the door of the small cabinet in the warehouse.

Combination Vault - External Colors

Silver gray hammer pattern

Combination Treasury - Features

1. The lock on the door adopts advanced mechanical password locks and mechanical blade locks, which can be set or changed at will, with strong confidentiality and good anti technical opening performance. The luxury stainless steel vault door is equipped with a password lock designated by the People's Bank of China, imported from the United States, and certified by international JL security. The execution mechanism of the lock is light, flexible, stable, and reliable during operation;

2. The 50mm space in the middle of the facade is filled with a special fire-resistant material of four in one. The facade adopts a double-layer fireproof structure, which has excellent fire protection function; At the same time, all steel components are protected against corrosion, ensuring safety and durability;

3. The exterior surface of the luxury stainless steel vault is completely covered with matte hairline stainless steel plates, which have a beautiful and luxurious appearance, and are sturdy and durable. At the same time, a stainless steel fence gate is installed behind the vault door to provide safety protection for staff working in the vault;

4. According to user ordering requirements, additional devices can be added to the vault door; Alarm and alarm signal transmission devices for remote alarm; The safety re locking device can effectively prevent the movement of the locking mechanism and prevent the door from opening when it is opened in a destructive manner; Electronic password locks or fingerprint locks that can use high-performance microprocessors are easy to operate and have strong confidentiality; An emergency small door can also be equipped to provide another emergency access to the vault.

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