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Standard requirements for the production of stainless steel ammunition storage doors

date:15/01/2024 16:18:59Information classification:Vault explosion-proof door

The stainless steel ammunition storage door is designed to withstand attacks from AK47 assault rifles with 7.62x39mm rifle bullets at distances greater than or equal to 10 meters, ensuring no penetration.

Gun magazine door: 10mm steel plate+U-shaped steel frame (wall thickness 2.0mm)+1.2mm steel plate, with 2 exposed hinges and 6 fixed bolts on the hinge side, with a fixed bolt diameter of 35mm and a height of 30mm. There are 6 movable bolts on the opening side of the door leaf, with a diameter of 35mm and an extension length of 30mm. There is 1 mechanical password lock, 1 linkage lock, and a set of fingerprint modules installed on the door leaf to achieve fingerprint control opening. The lock installation area is protected by a 5.0mm reinforced steel plate. The external dimensions of the door leaf are: width 1100mm * height 2050mm * thickness 110mm

Gun magazine door product specifications and technical parameters Level 1 (A):

The manufacturing and installation of quality standard 1 (A) level vault doors comply with the public safety standard of the People's Republic of China "General Technical Conditions for Vault Doors GA/T143-1996" and the financial industry standards of the People's Republic of China - Bank Vault "JR/T0003-2000" and "Vault Doors JR/T0001-2000". The manufacturing and installation of locks comply with the financial industry standard of the People's Republic of China "Combination Lock JR/T0002-2000".

A bulletproof door can absorb and dissipate the kinetic energy of bullets and fragments, prevent them from penetrating, effectively protect the safety of personnel and materials inside the door, and meet a certain level of bulletproof safety. Lock configuration: One mechanical key lock, paired with one plated gong glove. Color: dark gray, medium gray, light gray, white or stainless steel natural color. Specification and size: can be made according to on-site requirements.

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